Low Back Pain Relief for Fort Myers

Low back pain is easily one of the most debilitating forms of musculoskeletal pain in the human body we can endure.

Help for your Lower Back Pain

Low back pain can increase in severity due to prolong standing, and sitting.

Also your daily activities virtually can come to a screeching halt, the moment your low back pain flares up.

For some people sciatica and  low back pain can come and go and for others it is a constant persistent pain. Low back pain has many causes ranging from over work to lack of use. Studies show that over 60% of our population currently suffers from or has suffered from low back pain of some kind.

Acute vs. chronic low back pain

Low Back pain can be acute or chronic in nature and can be caused by improper lifting, lack of activity or poor back support while lifting something off the floor.

Acute low back pain is often brought on by sudden motion or trauma that damages the soft tissues and muscles of the back including ligament, tendons, intra-vertebral discs (slipped disc).

Chronic low back pain however is usually a condition brought about overtime with repetitive motion, cumulative stress and strain of the supportive muscles of the back.

Relief for your low back pain

At Chery Chiropractic Center (My approach) is to treat low back pain with predominance of muscle balance correction (biomechanical), and by chiropractic adjustment. This produces a much faster healing time and a far more effective course of treatment. Many of our patients report less pain or complete relief in a fraction of the time than other treatment techniques. Many of my patients are back to their daily activities in an even shorter period of time.

If your low back pain is interfering and keeping you from enjoying your life and you are tired of being in pain then call Chery Chiropractic Center today!