Fort Myers Low Back pain Relief

Many people in the Fort Myers area suffer from low back pain at some point.  They experience some form of low back pain which can range from mild to severe pain.  Low back pain makes it difficult to stand, walk, sit, getting up from a chair or lie down.   As you age low back pain flare-up is more common because spinal disc loses fluid and flexibility over time.  This cause the vertebral disks more likely to tear or rupture.   Low back spasm or a pinched sciatic nerve are other common cause of low back pain. 

low back pain relief in fort myers
For effective low back pain relief, Dr. Chery can help

What is the cause of Back Pain?

The lower back is composed of many complex structure such as the ligament , muscles, tendons, disks, and bones  and problem with any of these structures can lead to back pain.  

Muscular sprains and Tendon or Ligament Strain:  Sprain occur with falling, twisting, or  over stretching one particular body parts.   Walking or running on an uneven surface and/or playing sport.  Strain may occur suddenly, or it may develop over period of time.  This could be due to improperly lifting heavy object, slipping or falling, or car accident injury.  

How lond does low back pain?

For some people sciatica and low back pain can come and go and for others it is a constant persistent pain.   For effective relief of your low back pain, call or email Chery Chiropractic Center as soon as possible.  Dr. Carine Chery will diagnosis the cause of your low back pain and a implement a personalized treatment plan to relieve your pain and help to prevent from re-injury your low back pain.      One study showed, “Patient with chronic low-back pain treated by chiropractors show greater improvement and satisfaction at 1 month than patients treated by family physicians”

Don’t let pain stop you from living your best life.  Contact  Chery Chiropractic Center in Fort Myers today for  

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Chery Chiroproactic proudly severs Fort Myers  community with low back pain releif for over 20 years.   You do not have to live with back pain all the time.  Chery Chiropractic  center in Fort Myers   can helo with you low back pain.