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What to Expect

As chiropractors in Fort Myers we want all of our patients to feel immediately at home when they walk in the door. Since chiropractic care involves a series of visits, with each one building on the ones before, it’s important for you to feel comfortable right from the start.

Your First Visit to Our Fort Myers Practice

The doctor will take a thorough history of your previous conditions and injuries, then, she will perform a chiropractic palpatory examination. This examination includes a thorough assessment of your specific spinal alignment, range of motion tests, orthopedic testing, postural assessment, and review of previous x-rays, if indicated. Other X-rays and diagnostic studies may be ordered if necessary.

Treatment Plan

Once Dr. Chery has finished her exam she will review her findings and then develop a treatment plan that is targeted to your specific needs. Below are some of treatments that may or may not be included in your plan.

  • Specific spinal adjustments
  • Adjunctive physical therapeutic modalities which consist of:
    • moist heat thermotherapy
    • intersegmental mechanical traction
    • ischemic compression
    • ultrasound
    • interferential stimulation for spine or the extremities condition.
  • Trigger point therapy
  • A supportive exercise program for the lumbar spine used as neuromuscular re-education to nourish and rehydrate the spinal discs.
  • A supportive therapeutic weight lifting exercises to improve strengthening and functional performance.

Most therapies depend on medical necessity.

Visits Frequently Asked Questions

What will I experience at my first visit?

You will experience friendly staff who cares and listens to your problems and concerns.

What will I feel?

You will feel comfortable and warm at Chery Chiropractic Center.

What should I bring?

You should bring your Insurance card, ID and any past x-rays or MRI studies you have.

What should I be prepared to do or discuss?

You should be able to talk to us about your present and past medical history in order to determine if you are a chiropractic candidate before we begin care.

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