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I'm a 65 year old medical sales representative. I've called on thousands of healthcare providers across the nation in my 30 year career. I'm very selective when choosing a healthcare provider for my own medical care.

I've had back issues since my 20s which worsened after driving over 30,000 miles annually for decades. I now have degenerative disc disease in my entire spine and myofascial pain disorder in my back. I've been evaluated at the Mayo Clinic and seen osteopathic HCPs for manipulative therapy, physiatrists (pain doctors) for injections, physical therapists, & other chiropractors. After being treated by nearly two-dozen HCPs over the years, I've finally found the best back care with Dr. Chery. She had to help me out of a chair to stand, after I threw out my back again. Dr. Chery incorporates her unique, custom and tailored treatment for each patient, drawing upon her physical therapy studies & chiropractic training, and blends in deep tissue massage techniques to stimulate oxygenated blood flow to targeted areas to promote healing. Dr. Chery also utilizes the latest technology by incorporating an electronic stim/ultrasound machine to break down myofacial adhesions that afflict 85% of patients. I've had chronic pain in my sacral/lumbar region, and thoracic & cervical spine for years. After a few weeks of treatments and therapy with Dr. Chery, I'm regaining normal back function and have had significant reductions in my back pain. Dr. Chery is simply the best healthcare provider I've been to, by providing rapid relief of my chronic back pain. Her 26 years of hands-on holistic experience, really sets her apart from other HCPs that treat some of the isolated symptoms, but not the total root causes of back and neck pain. Dr. Chery is quite simply the BEST in providing nonsurgical back pain relief. Her upbeat, positive attitude is infectious. You've come to the right healthcare professional for rapid relief of neck and back pain. Dr. Chery truly cares about initiating positive treatment results for her patients.



Fort Myers

Dr. Chery thank you so much for the wonderful love and care you have shown my family. My wife and I have been having a lot of back and leg pain. We checked out over 50 Doctors online, and you were "Simply the best". You made the paperwork easy, you made answering all our questions easy, you came into the lobby and gave us your wonderful smile, and took us one by one and gave us the best medical treatment we ever had. I want this gift you have to be given to others so they can feel good as well. My entire family will always come to you. Thank You so much.


Mack G.

Fort Myers

Dr. Chery is an incredible doctor! Having headaches? She’s a must see! Having neck, back, shoulder or hip pain? She is a must visit! Stop spending money on franchise massage businesses & see Dr. Chery for real care, immediate relief & results you will be very impressed! My husband & I are seeing Chery & feel so much better! Besides being a fantastic chiropractor she is also very intuitive. Mark runs the office & is always professional, kind & attentive. Overall a delightful experience!


Tracy Groenendaal

Fort Myers

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